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[6 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on Perspectives from a morning’s monumental struggle | ]
Perspectives from a morning’s monumental struggle

It is much easier and enjoyable to write about the great times I have with my two-year-old daughter as a stay-at-home father rather than the rough times. Usually, that is at the forefront of my daily experiences.
But not every day is a simple, successful and fun stroll through a summer day. With the events of last night and this morning still fresh in my mind, I’ll list everything that went awry prior to nap time.
I do want to preface this blog post by saying I do my best to stay …

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[12 May 2010 | Comments Off on Time: Ticking away the moments | ]
Time: Ticking away the moments

It seems on most nights, I look at the clock and see something like 11:38pm, 12:19am, 1:03am … and I look at that day’s list and realize I have to carry so much over into the next day. I also think, man, I really want to watch some TV. In each circumstance, if I were to complete that day’s list and also indulge in 2 or 3 hours of television, I would be caught up just in time to deal with the morning.
However, the persistently pesky problem with that possible …

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[3 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Early start to a lovely day | ]
Early start to a lovely day

This has been without question an uneven, yet enjoyable day for me. After two hours of playing ping pong last night (a true sport of kings!), I came home and helped my girl get ready for bed. Of course, mom had done all of the hard work by then, but I contributed my best. I attempted to clean the house a little, caught up on email afterward and had a couple of frosty mugs full of Samuel Adams Noble Pils. A truly great beer. Before diving back into my job …

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[2 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Minor successes can have major impact | ]
Minor successes can have major impact

Many times when you feel a little stuck in life, it is the simple yet sublime observations and experiences that provide a much-needed boost. I have begun writing again after doing very little productive writing over the past year. A couple of freelance stories and just blogging more has really provided me with a lift. Seems simple, yet I had strayed far from one of my primary interests. As for the sublime, I am really thankful that today’s outing with my little girl to meet my wife for lunch went …