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About Brian

Email: briandoolittle@hotmail.com

I am a digital media enthusiast and journalist with 18 years of professional experience in writing, editing, reporting and digital content management and publishing. This includes the radio, magazine and newspaper industries and their related digital platforms.

Currently, I am devoted to developing my position with Dirxion in St. Louis and the company’s expansion into the digital publishing market.

What makes Dirxion such a cool and respectable company is the fact that they are privately owned, devoted to “green” initiatives and particularly focused on enabling small publishers from all over the U.S. to switch their print publications to e-Editions. Dirxion has an impressive method for handling any form of print media and converting it to a digital format in a very cost-effective manner. I feel great about this new career “direction!”

In 2010, I launched my own sports talk radio show in March of 2010 with Sports Radio 1380 in St. Louis. It aired each Saturday at 11am and centered on basketball discussion, primarily the NBA. You can learn more by clicking here.

In the Fall of 2011, I was presented with the opportunity to become the Regional Sports Editor with Patch.com, and eagerly accepted this challenge. I managed the sports content for 24 Patch web sites in the St. Louis area, and coordinated a staff of 30 writers and photographers. This meant that I had to end my radio show, so my final broadcast was in January of 2011. Patch was a tremendous experience, and we covered countless high-quality stories in my time with the company. A corporate (AOL) re-organization eventually led to my position being eliminated near the end of 2011.

Prior to Patch, I held a full-time position with Emmis Communications in St. Louis. Emmis operates four area radio stations (KHITS 96, KSHE 95, 105.7 The Point and 97.1 FM Talk) and I helped manage all web content in my role as Digital Brand Manager. You can check out my resume for more (see above), but I will say it was a very engaging, exciting and enjoyable work environment. When layoffs struck our company, I had an 8-month-old baby at home.

My wife, Amanda, and I decided that I could use this as an opportunity to be a stay-at-home dad. This is a topic that I wrote about extensively for various magazines and web sites, but, in short, it was an amazingly positive experience. It also may have been one of those once-in-a-lifetime chances, so there are zero regrets.

My writing experiences range from covering professional sports to small-college athletics, from managing a classic rock station’s extremely active web site to freelance writing and editing for local and national publications.

My interests include: digital media, writing feature stories, blogging, web site content development, news reporting and writing, sports analysis, anything to do with the NBA, live local music, collecting music, visiting parks, basketball, hiking, ping pong and cats. I also love cooking and drinking tea.

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