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[29 Apr 2010 | Comments Off on Unique social film experience | ]
Unique social film experience

(Update on my radio show): http://doolittlebrothers.com/
Over the past few years, I have made very notable strides in overcoming social anxiety issues and becoming a pretty social individual. Though not a natural thing for me, I am certainly not the same person who just four or five years ago would routinely go days without any social interaction outside of my home.
It was never a major problem, which is a good thing since I now have a live radio show! But I did tend to allow my introverted tendencies to dominate …

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[12 Apr 2010 | Comments Off on Looking for work is … unsettling | ]
Looking for work is … unsettling

I still forget just how therapeutic writing can be, so as I deal with a large volume of frustration I have turned to a brief blog entry. Looking for employment is more than just a trying experience; it is exceedingly full of agony, irritation and maddening experiences. I use that three-pronged word approach to not be redundant, but to emphasize what this process embodies. I realize that potential breakthroughs and a fresher future await – and that there is an element of excitement involved.
The downside to this process that leads …