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[2 Aug 2012 | Comments Off on A fixed heart brings renewed energy to my life | ]
A fixed heart brings renewed energy to my life

Only a few days in one’s life are an obvious turning point, a defining and deeply impactful experience that you know will lead you down a new path.
When these experiences strike, you certainly hope that particular day is a fresh start rather than a dissent into a dark direction which you may not be able to escape.
Thanks to the fantastic doctors, nurses and staff at Missouri Baptist Arrhythmia Center, I’m quite confident that I will be soon returning to a normal life after going through a corrective heart procedure this …

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[1 Jun 2010 | Comments Off on Basketball has salvaged my health | ]
Basketball has salvaged my health

As fun as it is to play basketball, it is very physically challenging – and so I treat it as a full-fledged workout, as I should at my age. I make sure to handle the obvious; I stretch before playing, make sure to eat and drink plenty of fluids and avoid playing in pick-up games that may result in a heart attack. The idea is to get a good workout and be wise while staying out of the hospital – and avoid dealing with our health care system.
Whether it is …