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My stash of unused social media posts

26 July 2012 No Comment

I recently took about a six-week hiatus from posting anything to my Facebook page, primarily because I was going through some personal difficulties which I am still dealing with to a mildly lesser extent. However, I do not post often anyway so it was not really an intentional thing, just a natural element of my prolonged social extraction.

After awhile, I noticed I was having these thoughts that after some initial contemplation seemed to unconsciously resolve into a Facebook-like snippet. I guess that is our how our minds are beginning to work. So I began to document these as potential blog-post ideas.

I’ve just recently got back into writing, and I choose not to share some of what I write, meaning it is not online. But I compiled some of these thoughts that, I suppose, can only be described as Facebook posts that I did not … post. It is a mixture of seriousness, frivolity and ranting. Sometimes it feels nice to deposit large reservoirs of personal thought into a tangible stream of copy, so here is a large sampling.

This represents about one third of my notes:

I have decided to no longer refer to my past, present and future contracted work as ‘freelance’. The idea of free continues to scourge the state of journalism, so I choose to substitute the term ‘Independent.’

It really sucks to be overweight … and yet incredibly hungry at 3am after I get home from work. My compromise is to drink a light beer. And then another …

It has officially been (over) a decade since I last was walking down a street and someone said, “Hey, weren’t you a bartender at 9th St. Deli?” Makes me very sad …

I want to invent a beer called Beautiful Day. And own my own sports bar. Then, I can always say that I have a hoppy Beautiful Day on tap.

I genuinely have an insatiable desire to live in the 1970s-era US. Besides the free-flowing nature of the post-Vietnam era, I just imagine people being so much more active with partying, learning how to play music and just being so free. With no electronic gadgets, it was just a simpler time and one that I have slight memories of … plus the crowds at Dead shows were small!

I’ve not been to a music festival since … I don’t even know. Smh. Many, many years.

I miss Jimmi Yin’s Asian Grill & Wok Bar in Rock Hill with incredible passion. It seemed to slip away from me overnight like a love-starved eggroll.

If you invite me to an event and make no clear indication if children are welcome, then I will not be attending. I think it’s a handy rule to go by, and I never want to be make anyone (or myself) uncomfortable.

Why would ANYONE say that there is more than one way to skin a cat. Awful!

Why is it that when a sub a veggie for French fries, that the portion size is remarkable paltry. Yet, I passed on a heaping mound of fried taters. Grrrrr.

So, to all of those Woody Allen haters: he is STILL with Soon-Yi Previn. Over 20 years later. Just sayin’ … I think they actually love each other.

One source of personal shame: I have never been to 2720 Locust to see live music. Or Lola. Or any other club/hot spot that has opened in the past 10 years. Lame.

It just took me 23 minutes to eat a frickin’ sandwich. Only those with children can relate.

It bothers me enough that people do not understand the difference between “eager” and “anxious.” Now, we have words like prolly, whatevs, ridic, Imma, welp, etc. It’s kind of stoops!

I can’t make my mind up about Nadia G. I find her show hard to turn off, and like her for being so feisty and eccentric.

I wonder if eating red meat is the source of many health problems. Sure seems to enable cancer, and it taxes our bodies relentlessly when consumed. Still damn tasty though.

I’m never more disappointed in myself, then when I realize my breath is not as fresh as it should be.

So, now we all know that John Travolta is officially gay. Whatever. Seemed obvious about 20 years ago. And who cares.

I’m very grateful to have such a deep love for animals, but I don’t care much for most people.

So, I’m in Chesterfield and stop at a gas station to grab a tall boy to take home. They have a law that requires you to buy at least three at a time. Wtf? Why do they want me to get drunk?

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