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[26 Feb 2010 | Comments Off on Intriguing time of day | ]
Intriguing time of day

When you arrive at late afternoon on a Friday, it is usually an uplifting experience. The combination of the work week (for most) winding down, the anticipation of either social activity or mellow time at home and spending more time with loved ones will always be a traditional tonic for anything that has gone awry recently. But this Friday afternoon in particular has some extra zest. It is actually above 40 degrees and is a blissfully sunny with lucid, blue skies. And the extra kick to this day is that …

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[25 Feb 2010 | Comments Off on My new and improved web home | ]
My new and improved web home

As I begin to shift gears and dive into my search for new job opportunities, it is an ideal time to freshen up my site. So I have changed my web content management system from Joomla! to WordPress. Always known for its terrific blogging capabilities, I have been impressed with WordPress’ emerging CMS abilities and vast options for cool site themes. My goal is scaled-back simplicity, so I plan to start with this clean template and go from there. 
My previous full-time position was with Emmis Communications in St. Louis. Emmis …