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[2 Aug 2012 | Comments Off on A fixed heart brings renewed energy to my life | ]
A fixed heart brings renewed energy to my life

Only a few days in one’s life are an obvious turning point, a defining and deeply impactful experience that you know will lead you down a new path.
When these experiences strike, you certainly hope that particular day is a fresh start rather than a dissent into a dark direction which you may not be able to escape.
Thanks to the fantastic doctors, nurses and staff at Missouri Baptist Arrhythmia Center, I’m quite confident that I will be soon returning to a normal life after going through a corrective heart procedure this …

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[30 Mar 2012 | Comments Off on Real estate game: An exhausting endeavor | ]
Real estate game: An exhausting endeavor

Engaging in the real estate game can permeate the fabric of one’s daily existence in many, many exhausting ways.
On this particular Friday night, there seemed to be countless options for fun outings around St. Louis, especially for lovers of live music. Even though I’m almost adjusted to temporarily eliminating this part of my life, I have had that nagging sensation the past couple of hours … that I’m totally missing out on things.
Which is undeniably true, to some extent. Though my reasons for focusing on home and family are being …

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[8 Mar 2012 | Comments Off on Confessions of a weather freak | ]
Confessions of a weather freak

As I enjoy the final couple of legitimately cold days, most likely, for the St. Louis winter of 2012, I feel vast disappointment.
One of my favorite characteristics of the U.S. Midwest is

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[1 Jan 2011 | Comments Off on NYE 2010: Pure bliss turns to terror | ]
NYE 2010: Pure bliss turns to terror

The beginning of 2011 for my wife and I was an extreme example of a figurative pendulum swinging from pure bliss to sheer terror.
I suppose that is one of many ways to attempt and shed light on an evening that was full of New Year’s Eve freedom and frivolity, yet ended with a wretched encounter with a mad stranger who threatened to kill me and my family.
It is one those sudden circumstances that leaves you shocked, angry and beyond perplexed. But, ultimately, I have chosen relief. This wayward meeting could …

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[4 Nov 2010 | Comments Off on I am fully employed again … wow | ]
I am fully employed again … wow

Since my job lay-off in March of 2009, I have experienced numerous inquiries ranging from sincere empathy to casual questions regarding what my future plans are.
Of course, those first few months of unemployment were the most difficult, and, to some extent, worthy of some degree of compassion. But only because I had an eight-month-old baby at home when I lost my job, and I actually had really loved my position with Emmis Communications as Digital Brand Manager.
The fact that I was/am still young and very capable of working at an …

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[7 Oct 2010 | Comments Off on After 20 years, my moment finally arrived | ]
After 20 years, my moment finally arrived

I am not prone to be melodramatic, except for when I endure a particularly painful sports defeat. But what I experienced last weekend is challenging to describe without being a little sensational.
This is a very condensed version of a lengthy tale, but that is the point of a blog post. If I decide to write a book, I’ll let you know the details. I grew up in love with playing basketball from as far back as I can remember. The fact that I was really good at it helped, but …

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[11 Sep 2010 | Comments Off on Thoughts from night time | ]
Thoughts from night time

I have always existed in a state of infatuation concerning night time. I do not like mornings; I love nights. This trait has become kind of a heavy burden to carry as I move forward in life as a father and husband.
Though I love to party, my affinity for the night life is unrelated. In high school, I went to school until noon, then “worked” the rest of the day at Pizza Hut as part of a program for kids who needed to be employed. I hid from my high …

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[25 Aug 2010 | Comments Off on Florida family fun makes hassle worthwhile | ]
Florida family fun makes hassle worthwhile

It has been a full month since my family took a weekend vacation in Daytona Beach. I was reflecting upon this earlier today after being asked about it. It was a good trip, but the key to our enjoyment once we arrived was simple: our two-year-old little girl loved the beach!
It would have been very understandable if she had been scared of: the crowds, the sand, the waves, the water, the ocean’s seemingly infinite qualities … but it was all good. Thankfully.
It is always an extremely trying and maddening experience …

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[10 Aug 2010 | Comments Off on Commentary from my recent speeding ticket | ]
Commentary from my recent speeding ticket

It is always a very unsettling circumstance when you see cop lights behind you. Having gone through a wayward period during my teen years, followed by a notably wild run during my college years, seeing police lights in my rear-view mirror is certainly nothing new.
Anytime a pull-over does not result in an arrest, that is a victory of sorts … and if you can get out with no papers being handed to you, it is a total win. I did not win this round.
When I am actually not doing anything …

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[27 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on Proper perspective can be so elusive | ]
Proper perspective can be so elusive

I really struggle with perspective on a daily basis. It is not so much a result of perpetual deep thinking or a consistent metaphysical point of view on everything. Well, sometimes that is the case, but the day-to-day mental grind I often encounter just deals with how I need to approach a given day.
It is safe, in my opinion, to assume that the majority of people over 20 years old deal with this same problem. Of course, a large segment of US society has genuine hardships, whether it is mental …