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I am fully employed again … wow

4 November 2010 No Comment

Since my job lay-off in March of 2009, I have experienced numerous inquiries ranging from sincere empathy to casual questions regarding what my future plans are.

Of course, those first few months of unemployment were the most difficult, and, to some extent, worthy of some degree of compassion. But only because I had an eight-month-old baby at home when I lost my job, and I actually had really loved my position with Emmis Communications as Digital Brand Manager.

The fact that I was/am still young and very capable of working at an assortment of jobs, combined with a generous severance package and a wife that is employed full-time, made me feel hopeful for the future and not at all sorry for myself. I was not really in a bad position when I lost my job because I’ve always saved my money, was put into a position to be able and stay home and care for my daughter (an irreplaceable life experience!), and generally was not thrust into any serious hardship. Especially when compared to the millions of Americans that have been put into destitution over the past couple of years as a result of the prolonged misdirection of our country based on corporate greed and the false economy created by the PRE-Obama administrations.

My job loss was extremely emotional, but not a problem with my family’s livelihood. I’ve always said that to everyone. Still, it was not easy to handle. After a full year passed and I had not landed a full-time job, it was even more difficult to envision exactly what my family’s future had in store. I began my own sports radio show (on Sports Radio 1380) as an outlet for my own creativity and uniquely specialized interest and expertise, but it was not a method to assuage what I actually needed: a stable job and income.

In the 20 months since losing my job – because my company lost most of its advertising revenue – I have had countless thoughts about what the hell I need to do to land a job. That was my third lay off in eight years, and I was thriving at each of those three positions when I lost my job … at no fault on my part.

So, it may have taken 605 days, but I am now employed again in a stable, full-time position. I am particularly excited with my new position as Regional Sports Editor for St. Louis’ Patch.com network of web sites, because it will draw upon all of my abilities. I look forward to writing much more about this new endeavor as it unfolds. Wow … the future has arrived.

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