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Looking for work is … unsettling

12 April 2010 No Comment

I still forget just how therapeutic writing can be, so as I deal with a large volume of frustration I have turned to a brief blog entry. Looking for employment is more than just a trying experience; it is exceedingly full of agony, irritation and maddening experiences. I use that three-pronged word approach to not be redundant, but to emphasize what this process embodies. I realize that potential breakthroughs and a fresher future await – and that there is an element of excitement involved.

The downside to this process that leads to grumpiness and also allows my negative persona to surface a little bit is this: I like things to be orderly and quantified. The thought that I have dozens of emails awaiting reply, countless applications that are hanging in some form of purgatory, voice mails that have not been returned and a lengthy string of web forms that I have completed, but which have not led to any breakthroughs, makes me want to be angry. I prefer checklists, yes or no answers and knowing exactly where things stand. A job search is much too intangible for my taste, and though I gravitate toward the ethereal by nature, it just does not apply in in this instance.

Pandora just decided to play Johnny Cash’s live Ring of Fire! What does this mean? I like it.

Can I just watch TV now?

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