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Time: Ticking away the moments

12 May 2010 No Comment

It seems on most nights, I look at the clock and see something like 11:38pm, 12:19am, 1:03am … and I look at that day’s list and realize I have to carry so much over into the next day. I also think, man, I really want to watch some TV. In each circumstance, if I were to complete that day’s list and also indulge in 2 or 3 hours of television, I would be caught up just in time to deal with the morning.

However, the persistently pesky problem with that possible approach is the need to sleep. If I am always feeling that I am six or seven hours short each day of what I want out of any given day, then eliminating sleep would solve all problems. Of course, we all need our six+ each night, so there is no realistic way around it.

I enjoy sleeping, and usually crave more of it each morning since I ALWAYS stay up way too late. What is particularly aggravating to me is why we are not evolving to the point where two or three hours is enough to refresh our mind, body and spirit?

Rather than evolution minimizing how much rest we need, we are immersed in a continuous technological revolution that is causing us to sleep only five or six hours a night – despite the fact that our evolution does not seem to be supporting this trend. The need for 5-hour Energy, coffee, energy drinks and related substances is simply a result of this mismatch between the lack of time to rest contrasted with the need and desire to do so many things every day.

It kind of sucks sometimes. Everything seemed so simple when i was seven years old and watching Leave it to Beaver.

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