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Minor successes can have major impact

2 March 2010 No Comment

Many times when you feel a little stuck in life, it is the simple yet sublime observations and experiences that provide a much-needed boost. I have begun writing again after doing very little productive writing over the past year. A couple of freelance stories and just blogging more has really provided me with a lift. Seems simple, yet I had strayed far from one of my primary interests. As for the sublime, I am really thankful that today’s outing with my little girl to meet my wife for lunch went so smoothly. It represents so much: the mood lift from leaving the house, having quality family time during the day, actually sitting, relaxing and eating – and then the subsequent wind down to nap time in the car and, eventually, executing the flawless transfer to crib. The entire event represents the axis upon which my day’s success relies upon.

I cannot do much on the days that it is only my daughter and I at home. I can look for jobs briefly, do some writing and stay caught up online in quick spurts. But my time pretty much needs to be devoted to her and the home until my wife gets home from work. So it goes (gladly) being a stay-at-home father. I am still enjoying these days, and the pressure to find work has not technically reached urgent status, though I am eager to move forward. Given this circumstance, it still can feel like the wheels are kind of sputtering at times and these daytime outings and successes are deeply meaningful. (… and, yes, my 20-month-old helps me put away the dishes!)

Other parents understand the challenges involved in getting a toddler ready to leave the house while simultaneously getting yourself ready. It takes a while! You have to allow plenty of time to prepare, and also make sure you have left before a car nap may potentially sneak up and envelop your child’s liveliness. It’s all about timing. Shoes, socks, coat, milk, snacks, toys, books … again, it is not easy. Yet many others have two or three children. I have not been able to wrap my head around three or more, but two is slowly beginning to seem possible. But very slowly …

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