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Early start to a lovely day

3 March 2010 No Comment

This has been without question an uneven, yet enjoyable day for me. After two hours of playing ping pong last night (a true sport of kings!), I came home and helped my girl get ready for bed. Of course, mom had done all of the hard work by then, but I contributed my best. I attempted to clean the house a little, caught up on email afterward and had a couple of frosty mugs full of Samuel Adams Noble Pils. A truly great beer. Before diving back into my job search or even into my DVR sports night, I developed a sudden urge to … go to bed! This was unusual. It was not even 10:30, and my average bed time is 2am. Even though I need to be up by 745, it is hard for me to be tired 130 or 2. Some nights I do go to bed at 115 at 130 – particularly since I need to prepare for getting up for Daddy duty – but I stay up late on weekends. So that is my average.

On Tuesday, I lied in bed and expected to wake up, like usual, between 130 and 2am. That is what happens when I go to bed before midnight. Then, I watch TV, get organized and enjoy the quiet time that occurs after midnight as much as possible. However, I woke up at the oddest time … 425am!

I had slept six hours, so I instantly knew I would not fall back asleep but was not sure how to approach this odd circumstance. Then, it hit me! Get up, watch TV until someone begins to stir and then surprise my family by being up before them and just helping out. My daughter woke up very happy and goofy, so we just messed around the house, got ready for the day and saw the Yo Gabba Gabba Live! preview on FOX2.

It was her day to be with her friends at our very nearby daycare center, so once she was settled in there, the day was mine. Being so nice & sunny, sitting in front of the PC writing & job hunting all day did not seem so great. Compromise, dude. Fit that stuff in between other activities, just in this “special” case. So, I worked out very hard for two hours at the gym, cleaned the entire house, shaved & showered, stopped by Carl’s Drive-in for mug of root beer, went grocery shopping and picked up my girl in time to get home to meet my wife on time. It was then silly play time, while I prepared dinner for everyone – and realized that I had been up for almost four hours more than normal. Only now is this catching up with me. I feel very silly and kind of out of normal perception. It is 1025, but, really, it is 2am to my body. No more writing .. give me TV or give me … oh, let’s just say beer and a cuddly kitty. Or, three cuddly kitties!

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