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This moment in time was not to be missed

23 June 2010 No Comment

When Landon Donovan scored in the 91st minute to defeat Algeria, 1-0, and allow the USA to advance into the final 16 in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, it not only represented a personal all-time soccer moment for me but was one of those moments that I am likely to always remember.

I was very fortunate to be able to watch this entire match, and one thing that is undeniable about soccer is that the style of play and the format of the World Cup allows tension to build to nearly unbearable levels. Especially if you stay engrossed for an entire match. Since I have a twin-TV setup in my basement sports lair, I could simultaneously watch the USA-Algeria and England-Slovenia matches. With each match carrying high drama into extra time, it was great fun – and immense, building drama. The fact that the USA avoided falling behind 1-0 just six minutes into the match on a ball that deflected off of the crossbar combined with the fact that Clint Dempsey had a goal mistakenly taken away in the 20th minute, made this a potential nightmare for USA soccer fans.

But Donovan’s heroics made everything just right. An incredible script, really. Sports fans love it when their team wins because of the investment of time and energy (and, sometimes, money) that goes into the entire ritual, and this represented a mega pay-off as helplessness and agony characterized this match for 90-plus minutes, only to lead us to such a historic occurrence. Besides the referees taking a goal from the USA on a bad call, they also could have called a red card late in the game when Algeria slugged Clint Dempsey in the face during a USA offensive attack, but the play was missed. Team USA finished with a total of 22 shots, 10 of them on goal. Compared to Algeria only getting four shots on goal, so it was a dominating performance.

Personally, I am thankful I maintained my attention on these matches rather than try and work or do routine activities. After all, the World Cup only occurs every four years!

I did rely on DVR to capture the action, but I did not allow myself to fast forward through the matches, and so the end result was extra satisfying and the release of tension was momentous. I do have to give my two-year-old much of the credit for taking a lengthy, early nap. Without her supportive efforts, this (slacking off and watching soccer) would not have been possible.

We’ll see what the 2010 World Cup bring in the weeks to come, but this moment in history is firmly tucked into my memory for good.

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