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You will get out of this maze

6 May 2010 No Comment

There are countless moments of every day, week, month, year, decade and lifetimes where one experiences some sort of a definable crossroads. This is inevitable, and is merely amplified by increased awareness of this occurrence. Dealing with these intersections is part of a typical existence, but what I find very challenging is when multiple junctions overlap and cross into your daily pattern of concern.

This is where I currently find myself, as thoughts center on some very relevant issues. My freelance work and new radio show are going well, so that is a highlight for me. Still, this new endeavor is an unknown for me, and I cannot project into the long term.

Also, we are possibly in the midst of a daycare transition, and that is a huge deal. Again, I feel positive about it, but cannot dictate the success of this decision. We find ourselves uncomfortable with two full days of daycare for our daughter. Not because she is away at those times, but it is just too long for her to be away from home. She needs a better rhythm to her daily routine, so we feel maybe three days in the morning at a place that is more like a school atmosphere (less daycare-like) with high-level teachers and facilities is the way to go.

I think we found a great place, so if we move forward asap, then things will change. But, considering that I am trying a new career, we are looking at possibly moving and our weekly family schedule may undergo a very significant change as a result, it seems to reason that sometimes it is best to let several new paths intersect, mingle and kind of straighten themselves out simultaneously, creating an unforeseen corridor into a terrific new future. Or, something like that.

I know that I always look forward to tomorrow, and that is all that matters.

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