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Looking forward to the show

20 April 2010 No Comment

The fact that I will be on the radio speaking live about the NBA this Saturday is quite an interesting development.  It feels good, and also feels like the natural culmination of so many paths that inevitably should land at this collective destination. It seems I have two options: waste time being worried about something going wrong, or just go with the flow of the show and have a great time doing what I want to do.

I’ll choose the latter. Ample preparation combined with enthusiasm, good content, interviews and analysis should make for a good show. I plan to air my Larry Hughes interview, talk playoffs with the top NBA bloggers and hopefully have a surprise interview or two. At The Buzzer will be a great time for fans because I’ll keep listeners updated on each series, include live scores and talk to those folks who really know what is happening.

It is something to look forward to, but it remains strange as well. I am not one prone to self-promotion, yet since I have no choice it is kind of fun to push something that it is meaningful to me. It will feel great to see some friends and family at The Post Sports Bar & Grill this Saturday, though it will actually be easier to hear the show on the radio since I do not plan to drown out all of the great sports bar action with my voice. With commercials, live spots and all of that, that can be too disruptive. I will just be hanging out, having fun and engaging myself as much as possible with the live audience, listeners and folks online.

Should work out smoothly, and having my brother Brad there will be really cool. I do not expect to have an empty glass that is for sure.

As for the playoffs, it is too early for me to say much – and I am still on the late Monday game (behind!). But Denver and Phoenix need to turn it on because Dallas, right now, is the team that seems best prepared to take down LA. I want to see what happens on Tue and Wed, then will have more to offer once I am FINALLY caught up.

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