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Sometimes you get shown the light …

8 April 2010 No Comment

The short-term future that I see is much less murky than the long-term, yet each brings with it an impressive degree of cloudiness with just enough clarity to firm up this mix of perception, hope, desire and reality. Not to be overly cryptic, but I feel that I am facing an axis, a spinning wheel of personal evolution that will obviously lead me to the inevitable future – but what lies beyond today has much more of a mysterious overtone than the cozy, comfortable tones one wants to be accustomed to in the here and now.

I am deeply thankful for how I currently experience day-to-day existence, and am not too eager to stray far from what is the perfect formula for how I wish to experience life. But a figurative crossroads is hounding me, and I find myself hastily attempting to crystallize what I want, what I need, and am considering the best path to achieve the related fulfillment and practical method to do so.

Before expanding our home and family, I want to address my role asĀ  a worker. I have been layed off for one full year, though because of all related dynamics this has not resulted in any financial issues or set backs. Now that I feel ready to commit to working again, it has opened up an entire realm of choice and control. I can choose where to work and what I want to do. Or, so it seems. After countless discussions, job applications, meetings, emails, phone calls and general contacts, I wonder how I could possibly still be unemployed. Then, I realize there are hundreds of people like me doing similar things. Saturation.

I plan to keep pursuing a firm, reliable full-time occupation, but am leaning toward a different option to enhance the immediate future. For the past 13 years, I have had a reputation as the No. 1 advocate in the STL of NBA basketball in St. Louis. Since leaving The Sporting News in 2001 as an NBA writer and editor, I have not been a full-time sports writer – just a freelancer, with various peaks and valleys. This may not be changing immediately, but I’m ready to experience reality meets cliche: pursue your dream and just do what you really want to do!

So get ready for Brian Doolittle’s new, live and local NBA radio show called At The Buzzer. Coming to your sports talk AM air waves soon.

Official announcement with full details still pending. But I think this may work ..

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