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As dreams come true, a reality check arises

1 September 2010 No Comment

There is certainly something to be said with regard to validating the old-timey wisdom of “Just do you what you really want do, and everything will take care of itself.”

It is a tempting path when trying to control one’s fate, and an altruistic approach to life and work. In that regard, I am abundantly fulfilled at having my own basketball radio show on the airwaves in an extremely historical, relevant and brilliant city such as St. Louis. It is pretty damn awesome.

Looking back five months ago, I may not have been as ready for this new endeavor as is typically required but I learn fast and now am quite comfortable talking live on the air, and hosting and producing St. Louis’ first and only NBA-themed radio show. But the path that brought me to this reality is convoluted, crazy and still somewhat turbulent.

I can honestly say that I am doing professionally what I want to do more than anything. But there is a major flaw I am currently trying to address. It has nothing to do with my work habits, dedication, enthusiasm, knowledge, radio show production, technical abilities or quality of programming. It’s money, damnit! What a nagging flaw …

I am so intensely involved and dedicated to this radio show, that when I hear a good show, or even a quality segment or two, it provides me with a significant boost of energy and joy. I receive a genuine sense of buoyancy. That is why I am doing it. I have written about sports for almost 20 years, covered multiple professional sports, been in locker rooms, figuratively rubbed elbows with and interviewed some of the greatest writers and athletes of our generation … yet, none of that is even close to fulfilling when compared to bringing St. Louis’ first pro basketball-themed radio show to the local air waves.

I realize there are not tens of thousands of people tuned in and paying attention. But just reaching those people who do appreciate what I am doing is incredibly valuable to me. I took a HUGE gamble in purchasing my own radio time to make this happen. I have zero guarantees. I have had off and on success with finding sponsors, but I can definitely say the sponsors I have worked with have been exceptional and of the highest quality.

This summer is the basketball offseason, so it is not a time to expect a surge in sponsorship. My goal is to break even until hoops season re-surfaces – that seems in jeopardy over the next few weeks. Which brings me back to that idealistic notion of making one’s dreams come to reality, and just allowing the positive vibrations to flow in that wake. Perhaps, it is true. I am not a true salesman, but am counting on hard work and honesty to carry me to where I plan to go.

But, right now, I am working very hard to keep doing what I truly want to do. And I am paying the (literal) price. I hope to find some support soon to prove that I have a very effective business model lined up, and am a good business partner that is in a prime position to make things happen. So, if I have to struggle during this process, so be it. It’s unfortunate, but giving up is even a more regrettable fate.

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