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Loving children: Escape from selfishness

20 July 2010 No Comment

I really do have a genuine fondness for children, and, at times, it kind of surprises me. It certainly was not always the case with me, as I was very self-centered throughout my teen years, and through my 20s. This is really indicative of most people from my generation.

The selfishness of people I know between the ages of 25 and 40 may be a result of the influx of technology absorbing their attention away from a family mentality, and also the need to stay focused on careers for much longer. They have been so perpetually entertained and connected with others, they have never really felt lonely and unfulfilled. Then you factor in the desire for consumption, and to keep upgrading these tech toys, and the thought of investing into a family perhaps does not arise as naturally as in the past. Or, so it seems, as I am certainly no expert on sociology. Just a few rambling thoughts …

Regardless, perhaps even I was headed toward a path involving a more solitary life until I met the perfect woman for me, so there is definitely a solid argument for fate still dictating much of our futures. People are obviously marrying later, and not having any kids – or waiting very late – so the truth probably lies somewhere between these two nebulous trains of thought. I’m just glad I eventually married at the age 29 and was ready for children a few years later. You cannot really wait much longer that that, yet having children before 30 seems a little rough and tenuous to me. So I nailed it from a personal standpoint.

My personal destiny and its positive outcome have come full circle recently with the reinforcement of how I have a natural love for children. I relished holding my friend’s one-month-old a couple of nights ago, and playing with all of the other little girls at this gathering of friends and their children. As a stay-at-home dad, I really enjoy meeting kids of all ages each day at the park. It can really change your mood, and uplift you and help to briefly set aside your own problems and concerns, and just play games, help kids play in the swings, slides, sprinklers and engage in general silliness and healthy frivolity.

Sure, sometimes children can be frustrating and act like little monsters. But at the end of a long day, it is LOVE that you cling to, and the memories and pride of creating a good life for a child.

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