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My car is messed up, but that is ok

17 May 2010 No Comment

It is perpetually fascinating how quickly one’s sojourn through a typical day can turn. Yet, it is inevitably amazing. I was enjoying a very fine Monday, when all of a sudden I found myself staring at the front of my car – which was not quite attached as it should have been.

While pulling out of the Shop ‘n Save parking lot across the street from The Post Sports Bar & Grill, I scraped across a pole that was right next to my spot – I have no idea why this poll is there and the fact that is was dark did not help. But, bitching aside, it was ultimate my fault, I suppose. I was pulling out, looking to my right when I heard an unfortunate scraping noise to my left. Before I could stop and minimize the damage, the front left panel had caught and was partially separated from my car.

(This is a picture of my car intact!) Headlights still work though. And, I do have insurance. I realize that these are the type of things that some people may go crazy over, have temper tantrums, blame everything imaginable from misplaced poles to spiteful gods, and generally do not cope too well as if it is an actual crisis. I admit, I was not happy – but, once it was a reality I chose to deal with it and move forward. There really is no other option.

It will work out just fine. Considering the vast and legitimate pain some of my friends are dealing with in their time of sorrow, it is simply not a big deal. Sometimes it is best to absorb perspective, and just move ahead, knowing others have far more painful matters to deal with in their daily lives.

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