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Country-bound: time to visit our haven

26 March 2010 No Comment

In six hours, I will be on my way to the KK Ranch, a place that is held sacred among many of my friends. I agree with their sentiment. It is really an idealistic way for us to gather and enjoy time outdoors and together in a perfect setting.

Located out in the country not far from I-70, the KK is only 90 minutes from most points in St. Louis. It features an old-school bunk house that conjures imagery of 1970s Americana, a real outhouse (though it actually is relatively nice), large party patio (with a huge grill) that overlooks a grassy hill, a nearby small lake for swimming and sunning, and also a river runs through the property. The lake and river are each nearby and easily accessible by foot or golf cart. We hit golf balls, play horse shoes, washers, ping pong – and generally goof around and laugh like crazy amid this private haven. Large volumes of food & drink are, of course, consumed and a new aspect to this experience has emerged in recent years: children! I love having my little girl out to the country to frolick with the adults, enjoy wagon rides and see some of the other little ones. It is a perfectly well-rounded weekend experience – and I am ready for it!

On another note: last weekend my family visited the Lake of The Ozarks and despite a forecast for steady rain on spring’s first day we got … 4 inches of snow. It kind of made up for my snow frustration during winter when St. Louis kept missing snow accumulations. I loved it! That freaky spring blizzard (it was crazy windy, so it seemed like a blizzard) was a little bit of a bummer for my wife & friends who were enjoying a “girl’s weekend.”

In fact last weekend was very eventful, as we all went to Yo Gabba Gabba Live! at the Fox Theater in St. Louis as soon as we got back to the city. Our daughter was understandably overwhelmed at first, but enjoyed it. It was a very colorful, engaging, entertaining, multi-media experience – but I did not care for The Aqua Bats. They ruined the Super Music Friends Show.

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