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This thump in the night brings no panic

10 March 2010 No Comment

I was just adding some links to my Portfolio page when I heard a loud thump from upstairs. Immediately, I knew that the noise was our daughter. This time, however, our fear was very minimal because she had fallen asleep earlier on the couch cushion right below her crib, just a foot or so above her floor. No, this was not a serendipitous moment where luck meets well-placed clutter. She had decided to move from her crib to this cushion, where we have been strategically placing it for this exact purpose.

The past couple of nights have went much better than our expectations, as our lil’ girl has adapted to the toddler bed well enough to get through the night. Out of fear of another madcap crib leap, we purchased a crib bed rail that prevents her from rolling out of her crib until she has fully adjusted to her bed. But, having anticipated she would still become adventurous, we rigged up a large couch cushion to wrap around her crib. Good thing, too. She has went back-and-forth from her bed to the cushion – and even the floor! – while getting herself back to sleep. For comfort’s sake, we make sure she is back in bed before going to bed ourselves. Though there is much more to be seen and written about this, the torment concerning night-time leaps has vanished. And the agony over the prospect of sleepless nights has went unfounded. The earlier thump only caused a brief fuss and all is quiet upstairs.

Just before the noise, I was working on my site and listening to a splendid Pandora medley of well-timed songs. Rock ‘n roll from Bob Dylan to Jerry Garcia Band to The Band to Widespread Panic to more experimental sounds from ambient/electronica artists such as The Orb, Spiritualized, Spacemen 3 and a few that I had not heard of, it was a nice selection. I sometimes get lost when trying to pick shows to play from iTunes or archive.org, so Pandora can really save the day for me. Plus, I also hear new artists, which is becoming rare for me. I have heard that Groove Shark is also cool, but I do not feel like anything new right now. Certain aspects of my daily routine really are in need of simplification.

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